How Cloud Solutions Solve Financial and Organizational Issues for Businesses

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Do you remember the chaotic days before office computers were networked? Limited space on hard drives and floppy disks yielded continuous challenges, especially when it came to sharing files. The Zip drive became a lifesaver for business people in 1994 as it held an earth-shattering 100MB of documents to pass around the office. 

We get a chuckle out of technological nostalgia until we realize the negatives of our progress: Now that storage space is virtually endless, document management can be overwhelming. However, the benefits of optimal document management outweigh the necessary effort needed. In fact, according to International Data Corp (IDC), optimizing an organization’s document management can lead to a 30 percent reduction in costs and result in an 86 percent overall increase in revenue*.

Although technology has evolved over the years, one thing has stayed the same: the business philosophy that “time is money.” In today’s mobile economic climate, organizations are consumed with the goal of becoming more efficient. And part of enhancing that efficiency is giving employees the ability to react more quickly to market changes and emerging opportunities by being able to contribute ideas whenever or wherever inspiration strikes. By 2020, mobile workers will account for close to 75 percent of the total US workforce**. Therefore, creating a flexible infrastructure that keeps pace with business requirements in the mobile era is important to an organization’s success.

In this mobile age where document management is key, it is more important than ever for small- to mid-sized businesses (SMB) to invest in the right technology in order to get ahead of the competition.

A cloud-based service to manage documents might considerably reduce time and money wasted as well as allow mobile workers to access and create new folders, collaborate and share from any device. This option results in employees having more time to execute corporate objectives while the SMB cuts costs and becomes better positioned for success.

Cloud Portal Office (CPO) is a light document management service that can help achieve this goal in many ways for SMBs or virtually any company. CPO provides a single, secure repository for all your company’s business content and provides document management features that will help reduce costs throughout the entire lifecycle.



Other financial and organizational benefits of CPO include:

  • No hardware or maintenance packages to purchase
  • Reduced infrastructure costs by reducing strain on IT resources
  • Documents cannot be lost due to fire or flood because they are safely stored in the Cloud
  • Office space and printing costs saved due to less paper filing
  • Shipping and courier costs eliminated due to document sizes being too large for email
  • Scan, store and retrieve documents conveniently at a Sharp MFP
  • Enhanced collaboration among staff members through shared folders
  • Improved efficiency with the ability to easily index multiple documents at your desktop
  • Automatic versioning makes it easy for everyone to know which version of a file is the most updated;

notifications let you know when a new version has been saved

  • Users can adjust permissions settings for specific people to have their rights to their folders

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