Document Management Solutions

Document Management Solutions

Easy access to information—anytime, anywhere—is imperative in today’s competitive business environment, and has led to many businesses incorporating electronic filing systems and cloud services into their IT infrastructure.

Decision makers struggle with how to get started with a cloud deployment. A common starting point often includes cloud services that enable easy, secure sharing of information as well as provide a centralized, accessible content repository. This typically allows both traditional and mobile platforms to access the information, regardless of location. The competitive advantages in productivity gains as well as the cost savings make cloud based service a valuable component with an organization’s IT platform.

Sharp’s Cloud Portal Office

Cloud Portal Office (CPO) is an award-winning content management service that provides your customers a convenient way to seamlessly CAPTURE, index and archive both paper and electronic documents in a single repository. CPO is fully integrated with Sharp OSA®-enabled MFPs and AQUOS BOARD™ Interactive Display Systems. Most importantly, IT administrators can manage and CONTROL user access in order to safeguard company data. Whether remotely or during in-person CONFERENCES, CPO users can CONNECT to their business content and easily share and COLLABORATE with team members.

The Cloud Portal Office service is managed through the Cloud Portal License Manager, which allows the Dealer Admin to quickly and easily purchase and manage customer licenses, resulting in virtually instantaneous delivery. The License Manager also provides an Administration Console for end customers to create users and manage their access to the service. When there are changes in personnel the admin can quickly lock down an account, maintaining control of key business content.

The key benefits of CPO include:

  • Flexible content management
  • Tighter control over who can access, edit and share your files
  • Reduced storage costs
  • “On-the-go” access to stored content
  • Quickly share meeting materials at the AQUOS BOARD display


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